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GAHI Member Emeritus: A retired CCMI member who has been active as a CCMI with GAHI for a minimum of 5 years; no longer maintains an active business as a home inspector, still wishes to remain active in GAHI, has or still holds an R5 combination status with the ICC, and is available as a mentor to a new inspector who is working to become a full certified member of GAHI.

Retired GAHI member: A past active member in good standing who is no longer maintaining a home inspector.

Honorary GAHI member: A person whom the association and its Board of Directors wish to nominate to an Honorary status within the GAHI organization. This individual usually has association within the building industry, building code related association, or an association outside of GAHI that supports the home inspection industry.

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Passed the National Home Inspector Exam (NHIE) as well as the GAHI Standards of Practice and Ethics Exam, performed at least 75 verified fee paid inspections and maintains a minimum of 25 hours of continuous training per year.

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