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The following are GAHI R5/Code Certified Inspectors - R5/CCI credentials (logos, patches, ID cards, etc.:


GAHI Badge: The GAHI badge is issued once a year each renewal period in July (usually at the associated GAHI meeting).  For those not attending the July meeting, the badge is mailed out.

GAHI Identification Card:  To obtain your GAHI identification card, login to GAHI and click on your name just below the scrolling banner.   If your membership card does not show, click on "Profile".  Your card should look like the following:


GAHI website logos:  The following link provides the current official logo of the new GAHI membership level of CCMI to be used only for your website.  CCMI LOGO6E.jpg

NOTE: DO NOT use the above logo for a patch or any other design element such as business cards or wearables until an approved version is made available (sometime in February or March '18 timeframe). 

GAHI CEUs: Continuing Education Credits are essential in maintaining your membership status.  If you would like to see your current status of CEUs and training programs with GAHI you have attended, please login to GAHI and click on your name and then click on the link titled: "Membership Registrations".  This will list your GAHI training programs from the past and associated CEUs awarded. 


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