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Want to be a Sponsor or Affiliate?

Our Sponsor levels for our annual conference:

Type Sponsor (Number available) PriceEvent Named Present to Attendees  Material Onsite Badges and Meals Booth with t2 chairs Name and Logo on Home page  Ad, name, logo on Agenda
 Platinum (1)   $1100  X 15 Mins X 4 X GAHI Home Page/ Marquee/ Link X
 Gold (5) $495  10 Mins X 4 X Website Marquee X
 Silver (10) $295  5 Mins X 2 X  X
 Bronze (6) $100       X
 Meal (4) $200       

Note: Any Platinum, Gold or Silver level sponsor will be eligible as an Affiliate Member for the next year by completing the appropriate GAHI Affiliate Application forms and upon receiving approval from the GAHI board. Any affiliate may become a sponsor by paying the difference between the affiliate dues which is $275 and the appropriate sponsor fee ($20 for silver, $225 for gold, $825 for platinum

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What is the difference between sponsor and affiliate?

A sponsor is a one-off arrangement to be onsite at our annual conference (see below table) and applying for affiliate means that GAHI may leverage your business’ value proposition to complement our member’s inspection services throughout the year.  An affiliate requires an annual membership of $275.00 from the time you pay your dues (renewable on the date you pay each year).  You may gain access to attend our annual conference each year as a sponsor by paying the difference between the sponsorship level and affiliate dues. (e.g. silver sponsorship is $295 less $275 affiliate dues means only $20 to be a silver sponsor at our annual conference).

Why be a sponsor or affiliate for GAHI?

  • GAHI is a statewide association with predominant greater Atlanta membership serving the nation’s 9th largest and one of the fastest growing metro area (since 2000) with 5.7 million residents.
  • GAHI as a most trusted home inspector, inspects approximately 20,000 homes each year providing insight, referrals and guidance to families for improving the quality and value of their number one asset – their homes.   
  • The associated value of these homes is approximately $6 billion (based on the average value of $300,000 per house).
  • GAHI members select suppliers for purchases in excess of $550,000 each year.
  • As a whole, GAHI members spend in excess of $200,000 annually on general and professional liability insurance.
  • Virtually all GAHI uses some form of 3rd party report writing software to produce their reports and are constantly seeking new software, tools and methods to improve and update their reports.
  • Most GAHI members have websites to advertise their businesses and attract new customers.  GAHI members spend in excess of $100,000 annually on advertising.
  • GAHI members are always buying tools, equipment and testing devices – including computers, digital cameras, radon testing kits, etc.  As a whole, it is estimated that GAHI spends in excess of $250,000 annually for tools, equipment and testing supplies.
  • GAHI members take pride in being the best trained home inspectors in Georgia.  Many members exceed the minimum continuing education requirements of 25 hours per year to stay current of new codes, regulations and guidelines.
  • Many GAHI members are not just home inspectors, but are experts in other related fields such as engineering, environmental testing, termite inspection, real estate appraisal, etc.
  • Being a sponsor of the GAHI Annual conference allows your business a unique opportunity to reach this special audience of small business owners and entrepreneurs.  
  • All silver, gold and platinum sponsors are eligible to be affiliates for a year from the date they pay their sponsorship.

Don’t be left out of this limited sponsorship opportunity!

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