What is the best way to become a Home Inspector in Georgia?

Partner with

Georgia Association of Home Inspectors (GAHI)


 American Home Inspectors Training (AHIT)


You must register as a GAHI Student Applicant and sign up for the AHIT Home Inspector Certification Course to have advantage of this program

(either Online or in a Classroom)

and your first GAHI annual dues of $325 will be FREE

1) Decide the AHIT “Master Classroom Course” you'd like to attend.  Current Georgia class schedule or online

2) Click on following link and enter information joining as a GAHI "Student Applicant".  You must initially pay $325 (see below in RED): Join Here

3) Once we confirm your valid training completion certificate, we'll confirm you as a GAHI Student Applicant with 1 year free applicant statue!  (We'll reimburse your $325 once we receive your training certificate) See additional information on the "join" section of the GAHI home page for additional requirements to become a member of the association.

(Face to Face Contact with Seasoned Inspectors) + (Established, Proven and experienced Home Inspector Training) = A Great Start to Success


By joining GAHI, you immediately have contact with experienced professional inspectors.  All GAHI inspectors are ICC code certified and have invaluable years of experience in the industry.  Remember Georgia does not require any licensing for inspectors, so GAHI can be one of your most valued credentials!  Also, many of our members are willing to share:

ü  Guidance on how to follow our Standards of Practice and perform a quality home inspection

ü  Technical information and answers to your questions

ü  First hand inspection experiences

ü  Tips and time saving ideas on the best way to do an inspection

ü  Continual education and training

ü  Guidance on how to select a report writing software package


By getting your Home Inspection Training and education with AHIT you will have access to fast track and proven training programs.  AHIT has offered Home Inspector training since 1993 and over 30,000 people have benefited from their on line and class room instruction.  Please use the links below to learn more about AHIT programs:

ü  Online Certification Course -http://www.ahit.com/training/homestudy/homestudy.htm

ü  Master Classroom Course – http://www.ahit.com/training/classroom/MasterCourse.cfm

ü  Specialty Courses - http://www.ahit.com/training/conted/allcourses.cfm

ü  Free Webinar - http://www.ahit.com/webinars/

By registering to be a GAHI Applicant and completing the AHIT courses, you have made a WIN/ WIN decision to start your path to being a GAHI Certified Home Inspector! 

(See GAHI Membership requirements -  http://www.gahi.com/join-us)

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

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